Pool-based physiotherapy & water aerobics exercises in Croudace Bay


At Valentine Hydrotherapy Pools, we believe exercise in water (particularly warm water) is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways for people with ailments to participate in physical activity.
Poolside—Hydrotherapy in Croudance Bay, NSW
Our hydrotherapy pool is used to aid in treatments for the people with a disability, the elderly or injured. Hydrotherapy helps to:

  • Mobilise joints
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Promote cardiovascular fitness
  • Improve general physical fitness, balance & coordination

Our hydrotherapy pool is 1.2–1.6m deep, with a shallow step and railing for easy entrance. There is a hydraulic chairlift able to hold up to 100kg. Water weights, hydro belts and exercise noodles are also available for use.

Read more about hydrotherapy and our conditions of entry below. For more information and application form, visit us during the week.

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is an exercise in water that has been heated to 33–35° Celsius and is used to help people regain physical function and strength. It has also shown to have positive psychological, physiological and social benefits. The water is set at a steady temperature to aid with:
  • Muscle relaxation & decreased spasms
  • Pain reduction
  • Increased muscle strength & endurance
  • Improvement in swelling
  • Enhanced balance & stabilisation
  • Joint flexibility
  • Improved circulation
The warmth in the water reduces gravitational force, increases resistance and enhances hydrostatic pressure to aid in with the recovery and management of a wide range of conditions. Patients do not need to be able to swim in order to participate in hydrotherapy or aquatic physiotherapy. The treatment can be used on its own or in conjunction with rehabilitation programs. An aquatic program is often a stepping stone for patients to progress onto the gym or any land-based exercise programs.

The Benefits of Hydrotherapy

There are numerous benefits to using hydrotherapy for recovery and rehabilitation, such as:
  • Aerobics development
  • Muscle strength improvement
  • Pain relief/alleviation
  • Mobility increase
  • Stress reduction
  • Cardiovascular fitness improvement
  • Relaxation
  • Blood pressure reduction
  • Weight control
  • Balance & coordination improvement
Our hydrotherapy pool is used by:
  • Physiotherapists & exercise physiologists working with their clients
  • People with long-term disabilities—all ages
  • People rehabilitating after accidents
  • Individuals waiting for or recovering from joint surgery
  • Athletes regaining fitness after surgery or injury
  • Children with special needs
  • People suffering from back pain, sciatica or lumbar instability
  • People suffering from whiplash & other neck pain
  • Individuals with tendinopathy
  • Individuals with balance or coordination problems
  • People who suffer from arm or shoulder pain
  • People with osteoarthritis
  • Patients with rheumatoid arthritis & fibromyalgia
  • Patients with ankylosing spondylitis
  • Individuals with cardiac reconditioning
  • Older citizens looking to maintain mobility
  • People needing to lose weight

Hydrotherapy Entry Requirements & Information

Every hydrotherapy patient must complete an application form on their first visit prior to entering the pool. Please see our staff on a weekday between the hours of 9:00am and 2:00pm for details. This organisation deals with all forms of medical problems and all information given on the hydrotherapy application forms is private and confidential. It will only be made available to our office staff, committee executives and physiotherapists/medical professionals.

Rules to Observe Before You Use Pool

1. It is a regulation that you must have an assessment letter from a physiotherapist or medical professional. This should state the following: “I have assessed is patient and provided exercises for said patient to perform in the pool.” Referrals that say, “thank you for seeing this patient,” cannot be accepted as we do not have trained medical staff onsite to assess you. Please also bring a copy of the exercises your medical professional has instructed you to perform in our hydrotherapy pool.

2. If you have been performing hydrotherapy under instruction from a physiotherapist or other hydrotherapy facility, you can attend our facility as long as you have a transfer letter. This is to be from the physiotherapist who advised you to undertake a hydrotherapy program within the last 12 months and wishes you to continue doing so at our pool.

3. If you have been, or are being treated, for a heart problem, we regret that you cannot use the pool unless we receive a letter from your doctor. This letter should state an acknowledgment of your medical condition, that he/she is aware that our therapy pool temperature is 33–35° Celsius, and that they consider you to be a suitable patient for hydrotherapy.

4. If you have any open wounds, you will not be permitted in the water unless the wound can be totally waterproofed. This is for your safety as well as other patients.

5. It is required that you have a quick (3 minute) shower directly before you enter the pool.

6. It is essential that you print your name in the pool users' logbook every time you attend the pool.
Private Patients
Private patients are responsible for paying the entry fee at Valentine Hydrotherapy Pools. There are 2 options:
1. $10.00 for a casual user, or
2. $23.00 for a quarterly membership (3-months), plus $6.50 (non-concession) or $5.50 (full concession) per visit.

Workers Compensation/Third Party Claims
Your insurance company or employer can be bulk billed. We will need notification from the insurance company or employer that they will accept liability for payment before you proceed. If litigation is involved, you will be required to pay your own fees. A receipt will be issued to you on payment of each visit.

For accounts, an initial fee of $31.00 is charged, then $12.50 for every subsequent visit. In the case of claims, a fee of $12.50 is charged per visit.

Department of Veteran's Affair Patients
Please be aware that DVA will only pay for hydrotherapy sessions when you are accompanied by your designated physiotherapist.

For those who are unable to drive or travel on public transport, we provide a bi-weekly pick-up and return bus service for a small fee (covering the areas from Cave Beach to Boolaroo). This service is not available for your initial visit. Please contact our centre for details on pick-up availability.

Pool Opening Times
A timetable will be provided to you on your first. You can also view it on our Timetables page. Please do not attend when the hydrotherapy pool is marked unavailable, as there are times where the pool is used for other purposes.

Physiotherapists Information for Patients

Physiotherapists who use our pool do so as part of their practice and will handle their own accounting. You may nominate the physiotherapist of your choice.

Appointments must always be made through the physiotherapist office to verify availability. For private clients, your health fund may contribute to these costs. A referral for the pool must be provided by your treating physiotherapist.

Physiotherapy/hydrotherapy consultations that are covered by Workers Compensation, CTP and Medicare EPC will require the appropriate physiotherapist referral and authorisation letter from the relevant insurance company, approving Valentine Hydrotherapy Pools to invoice them for your entry fees.
Warners Bay Physiotherapy Centre

Colin Davis provides hydrotherapy consultations at VHP. The initial consultation is a comprehensive, land-based assessment at Warners Bay Physiotherapy Centre. This enables the therapist to fully understand your problems and provide suitable advice prior to starting at the pool. Afterwards, there is a minimum of 2 supervised consultations at the pool with your physiotherapist that leads to providing a specific program of exercises, which can then normally be performed unsupervised. The program can be reviewed at any time if required.
Colin Davis
Phone: (02) 4947 1299
Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays – 10:30am–1:00pm
Macquarie Physiotherapy Centre

The initial consultation is held at Valentine Hydrotherapy Pools, with a follow up visit 3 weeks later. This will be to provide a specific program of exercises that can be performed unsupervised. The program can be reviewed at any time if required.
Warren Lovell
Phone: (02) 4942 1322
Hours: Thursdays – 12:00pm–1:00pm
Megan Donnelly
Phone: (02) 4942 1322
Hours: Every 2nd Wednesday – 12:00pm–1:00pm
Carolyn Urquhart

Carolyn provides hydrotherapy consultations at Valentine Hydrotherapy Pools on Friday afternoons. The initial consultation is a land-based assessment, which enables her to fully understand your concerns and provide suitable advice prior to starting in the pool. The program can be reviewed at any time if required. Carolyn is also available for lymphedema management.
Swansea Physiotherapy—Carolyn Urquhart
Phone: (02) 4971 3541
Hours: Tuesdays 12:30pm–1:30pm
Living Strong Mobile Physiotherapy

Scott Coyler's mobile practice aids people of the Lake Macquarie and Newcastle areas. He provides for private clients, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), Veteran's Affairs, and is able to bulk bill via GP-driven Enhanced Primary Care plans. Hydrotherapy programs consist of an initial land-based assessment at your home, followed by 2–3 pool-based appointments (more if required for confidence and instruction). These programs can be set to both short and long-term goals, with revision and updating as required.
Scott Coyler
Phone: 0429 037 565
ATUNE Health Centre

Rosemary Antonuccio works in aged care residential, has been involved with a chronic pain clinic and has an interest in fibromyalgia. She also works as a private community physiotherapist with ATUNE Health Centres.
Rosemary Antonuccio
Phone: (02) 4945 4245
Hours: Mondays – 10:00am–1:45pm 1st Wednesday of the month – 12:30pm—2:00pm